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This is Ariel.

Using Smart technology, Ariel responds to your actions, movements and gestures to ensure you are safe and in good health.

In the event of a fall or health incident, Ariel alerts your carers and loved ones to reduce the time between treatment and minimise the chances of long-term trauma.

We are running a pilot and would love your feedback to help improve it.

Be Part Of A Revolutionary Pilot.

  • 1.
    Have a quick catch up with our research team, (on site online or however suits you.)

    We are seeking feedback on how to improve your home using technology. We have partnered with the University of Queensland to and are hoping to chat about your care and how we can improve use technology to improve your quality of living. ( You can then join us for step 2 if you feel like it.)

  • 2.
    We will set up a device in your home for testing based on your needs.

    We will demonstarte the technology with you first then set up a custom device based on your needs, challenges and feedback, in your home for testing. The testing will run for an agreed period of time (3 months + is best) but you can opt out at any time.

  • 3.
    You use trial the device in your home & work with us to improve it for everyone.

    We will come to visit you to install the device and help you set it up. From there, you can use it however you’d like to test out its functions and performance. After one month, we will reach out to see how things have been going. But, you will be able to contact us at any time if you have any ideas, new feedback or advice.

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Join us on this fantastic pilot program to help change care as we know it. (You will be suitably compensated.)

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