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  • The Ariel/Isaint Pilot.
    This ground-breaking pilot will begin its testing phase in Brisbane and will primarily focus on high physical support participants. We have already gained a phenomenal response from our candidates thus far, including Chelsea, our project ambassador. If you or someone you know lives in Brisbane and are looking for a way to improve the nature of care for all persons, we are looking for people to join Chelsea on her journey. Sign up here:
  • What is this pilot for?
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    We want to revolutionise the development of human centred technology in the healthcare industry to prolong and improve the quality of life for all persons, no matter their needs. The success of this pilot will see an improvement in life for people with elevated needs, but also for their carers and families as it can alleviate some of the stress that exists when they cannot be around.

  • Why are we doing this?

    A 2019 review of causes and contributors to deaths of people with disability in Australia QLD found that over half of all deaths were potentially treatable or avoidable.

    People with a disability in studies have shown they are approx. 5 times more likely to die than the general Australian population.

    People with a disability had a rate of approximately 240 potentially avoidable deaths (PADs) per 100,000 people.

    The number 1 killer of persons with a disability aged between 20 and 49 is suicide. Developing Ai to communicate with family, communicate with Carers or potentially re-enter the workforce our team believe will arrest this shocking statistic.

    People with a disability are 100 times more likely to die from choking than the general population.

    According to The Productivity Commission Report that lead to the forming of the NDIS, Carers within the disability sector have the lowest morale of any working group in Australia. Lower than the long term unemployed.

    According to the World Health Organisation there are approximately 1 Billion disabled people worldwide. Assistive technology under development today can change these lives forever

  • Is there a cost to be involved?

    No. Just feedback via Dr Dhaval Vyas from The University Of Queensland so our new assistive technology during trails can be assessed and further developed.

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  • Who is undertaking this pilot?

    A collaboration between Brisbane based V Tol Aerospace, NDIS Housing Provider SDA Smart Homes, The Queensland University and QUT.

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  • Where can I register or ask for additional information?

    Follow the links on our website to learn more and contact us. Alternatively, you can directly contact (David Beard at 0413 121 213 / Jesse Costelloe at 0410 793 29)


Join us on this fantastic pilot program to help change care as we know it. (You will be suitably compensated.)

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