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Help us revolutionise disability care as we know it.

Ariel includes features like:

  • Low and high room Temp/comfort alert

  • Fall over and not get back up detection

  • Gesturing level 1 to 10

  • Fire & elevated heat source detection

  • Elevated Fever detection

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Ariel improves outcomes for high care individuals while saving on labour costs.

Ariel Care is an embedded bricks and mortar high care technology solution. SDA Smart Home’s benchmark standard in hospital grade high care accommodation will provide the only living environment that excels beyond just safety, security & the comfort of the participant. It will enable them to experience & enjoy the next level of 21st century social and network interaction within their community with the ability to project their skills and passion into the outside world. No other known offering can provide the care and opportunity of an Ariel Care SDA Smart Home solution.


  • Fall Detection

    Ariel detects falls, instantaneously sending an alert to family and carers Ariel can help you connect to emergency services if needed.

  • Illness Detection

    Ariel rapidly identifies changes in body temperature, detecting fever and possible illness. This will allow service users to self-isolate instantly.

  • Fire/Temperature Comfort Alerts

    Hotspot and heat detection is instant any emergency will trigger alerts to family members and carers. Ariel can help you connect with emergency services if needed.

  • Gesturing

    Our unique gesturing algorithms allow our participants to use gesturing and movement to communicate their needs in new ways.

  • Notifications

    The device can be set up to send personalised notification to any person or provider that is important to you and your wellbeing.

  • Modern and clean UI

    Control Ariel from any device with an internet connection using a modern and robust cloud based interface.


Dave Beard
SDA Smart Homes Australia
Co-Managing Director of Ariel
Mark Xavier
V-TOL Aerospace
Co-Managing Director of Ariel
Jesse Costelloe
Project Manager,
Ariel Care
Kye Morton
Technology Lead Ariel Care,
CTO, V-TOL Aerospace
Dhaval Vyas
UQ Senior Lecturer in the Human-Centred Computing discipline
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